NEW for the 2017 awards

Photo specifications have been updated to include that no text can be present on any submitted photos.  A full description of photo specifications can be found in each category submission requirements.

Square Footage for Production and Custom Homes
The overall square footage for a Production Home should include a developed basement if it is a standard feature in the home's design. The overall square footage for a Custom Home or a Custom Urban Homes should include a developed basement if it is an included feature in the home's design.

Category Changes
The definition of Custom Urban Home has been modified to promote the inclusion of infill homes built on spec.

The Custom Urban Home Multi-Unit category has been split into two categories as follows:
B7 Custom Urban Home: Semi-detached
B8 Custom Urban Home: Multi-unit (3+ units)

The "C" categories have been updated as follows:
C1 Low to Mid-Rise Building (6-80 units)
C2 High Rise Building (80 units or more)
C4a Mid to High-Rise Unit 500 sq. ft. or under
C4b Mid to High-Rise Unit 501 sq. ft. or more

The Green categories have been rebranded as Innovative/Green Awards and streamlined to better reflect entries as follows:
G1 Innovative/Green Production Home of the Year
G2 Innovative/Green Custom Home of the Year
G3 Innovative/Green Renovation

Ottawa Citizen's Peoples' Choice Award
One of the biggest awards of the evening, this award is judged by the general public in an online capacity, as well as at the Ottawa Fall Home Show, taking place at the Ernst and Young Centre, September 28 – October 1, 2017. Based on member feedback, we will have a new system for voting online and at the Ottawa Fall Home Show. Additional details to follow with the announcement of award finalists.